Why Soy Candles? Part 1 - Because they're better for your body than Paraffin.

As long as we've been making candles, we've found ourselves explaining the benefits and differences of soy candles vs. paraffin candles, or the many other types of candle on the market today.

There's not a great deal of transparency when it comes to what your candle contains when you stroll into a *INSERT BIG NAME CANDLE BRAND HERE* store - and this is part of the reason people don't know a great deal about the candles they buy. If it smells good, it must be good, right? Wrong!

Here's a secret for you... Soy Candles, Paraffin Candles, Wax Melts, Gels... they're pretty much all scented in the same way. 

hand poured soy candles overhead silver dollar candle co

The difference between them is what's released into the air when they're lit - and guess what, paraffin is a petroleum derivative. That should really tell you all you need when it comes to lighting one up in an enclosed space.

Now if you're completely new to soy candles, you might notice the lack of black soot thrown up as your new scented candle burns. Another benefit! That soot is baaaad. Due to the natural chemical make-up of soy wax they burn pretty much free of soot - hurrah for asthmatics everywhere! 

From the very start, we decided at Silver Dollar Candle Co. we'd not be part of the masses, churning out candles favoring profit over health. Ultimately we focused on soy because it's cleaner, natural, free of harmful additives - and to up the ante somewhat, decided we'd not use color additives either (the "purer" the better, right?). 

Check out our Candle Facts & FAQ for more information about soy candles - or if you have any questions about what in our candles or why we do what we do, leave us a comment below! 

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