#63 | The Island Volcano Scented Candle - 9oz 100% All-Natural Handmade Soy Wax Candle

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Embark on a sensory journey to an island paradise with Silver Dollar Candle Co.'s Island Volcano scented candle. Immerse yourself in the true-to-life blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and exotic mangosteen, infused with citrusy sweetness and a hint of peach. This captivating fragrance rivals even the popular Volcano scented candle, making it the perfect addition to your summer candle collection. Crafted to perfection, our commitment to excellence shines through as we blend the highest quality fragrance oils, cotton wicks, and 100% US soy wax, ensuring an extraordinary sensory experience. Handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans, each Island Volcano candle is poured into a glass jar and individually labeled by hand, reflecting our passion and craftsmanship. Share the island paradise with loved ones as this scented candle makes a delightful gift with a touch of beach house decor, offering the essence of a tropical escape in the comfort of their own home. Enjoy over 40 hours of blissful, soot-free illumination that enhances the elegance of your surroundings and creates cherished memories with every flicker.

Wax: Pure Soy
Wicks: 100% Cotton (Lead/Metal Free) or FSC certified wooden wicks.
Fragrance Oils: Responsibly Sourced, High Quality Fragrance Oils from US Manufacturers
- Phthalate Free ✓.
- Nitro Musk Free ✓.
- Paraben Free ✓. 
      Container: Glass - Widely Recyclable ✓. 
      - 3oz: 2.86" x 2.5"
      - 5.5oz: 3.25" x 2.6"
      - 8oz: 2.75" x 3.25"
      - 10oz: 3.05" x 3.5"
      - 16oz: 3.6" x 3.89" 
        Packaging: Corrugated Cardboard, Recyclable
        - 16oz: Approx. 80-90+ Hours.
        - 8oz: Approx. 40-50+ Hours.
        - 10oz: Approx. 60+ Hours
        - 5.5oz: Approx. 25 Hours
        - 3oz: Approx. 12 Hours
        Burn times are calculated based on a standard, lab controlled method. Each candle is lit, allowed to burn in typical room conditions for exactly 4 hours then extinguished.
        Once fully cooled, it is trimmed, re-lit and the process is repeated. The below burn times are averages from this methodology, but vary according to fragrance, airflow, room size, ambient temperature and other environmental factors.

        Candle care is important for getting the most out of your soy candle. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

        • When lighting your soy candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt all the way to the sides of the container. This will take around 1-3 hours depending on the size of the container, but it will prevent "tunneling" and extend the life of your candle.
        • Soy wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax, so soy wax candles require a thicker wick. Be sure to trim your wick to about 1/4" before relighting to ensure a long-lasting candle and minimize soot.
        • Extinguish your candle by dipping the wick into the melted wax and straightening it. This will stop the wick from smoking and make it easier to relight next time.

        Keep in mind that our candles are hand-poured, not mass-produced, so each candle will have its own unique characteristics. You may notice darker patches or "wet" spots in container candles made with completely natural soy wax. This is not a defect, but simply a small blemish where the wax has not adhered to the glass 100%. The top of your candle may also appear slightly uneven, which is also a sign of natural soy wax being hand poured.

        By following these simple steps, you'll be able to enjoy the natural beauty of our soy candles and make the most of their eco-friendly and American-made goodness.